Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Must Haves

I love clothes!  Anything from dresses, to shorts, to skinny jeans, skirts. And summer is one of my favourite times because you can wear sundresses with wedges or tank tops with skinny jeans  and you don't have to worry about being freezing cold.  When I shop there are many times I have to talk myself out of purchasing new outfits (unless it is a really good buy and I need that item). My style is fairly girly, I love bold colours, lace, floral, dresses, skirts, bows.  Today I thought I would share some summer must have items that I really love and may end up in my closet.

1// High Low Skirt

2// Maxi Skirt

3// Flowy classy dress (So many dresses nowadays are too short, that is why I like having a dress that is a little longer for certain events)

4// Cute Bathing Suit

5// Bright Jeans

6// Fun Shorts

7// Summer Dresses


8// Wedges!! (I know they aren't clothes but they complete the outfit!!)

 What are some your Summer Must Haves?? 



  1. I love when I can pull out my wedges and start wearing them with everything!! I think any woman needs a good pair of cutoff jeans and perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for those casual summer days!

    1. I so agree with about the wedges! I wish I could wear them all year long because they are so comfortable!

  2. Cute blog! I love your style. That blue dress is my favorite.


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