Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Goals

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you all are having an amazing start to your weekend.  It is beautiful here which just makes me so happy :)  I love seeing the sun and warm weather.  And for some reason since my summer has started because I am done school, I have a hard time wearing pants and sweaters.  I want to embrace the summer dresses, shorts, and sandals. Even though it is already 8 days into June, I thought I would share my June goals with you!  It is good to have goals, so you have something to aim for in life.  Especially with being out of school my days sometimes are not very eventful.  I want to ensure that I am doing something meaningful with my life. Lately I have been in this state of trying to live life with no regrets.  I do not want to regret not going out with my friend, going for long walks with my dog, going for a run, spending time with family or doing more volunteering. So here are my June goals!

June Goals

1 // Try a new recipe once a week
2 // Bake a cupcake recipe - I bought a cupcake magazine and it seriously amazing recipes in it. 
3 // Go for one run a week at least.  I would go for more, but I am currently taking dance classes three times a week.  So that will total to four days of physical activity.  I always try to have a couple rest days because it is good for the body to heal and relax.
4 // Whenever I think of something negative whether it is about someone else or about myself, Stop ... and say one positive thing instead.
5 // Take my doggie out for more walks
6 // Try and resist from shopping ! Lol I have so many clothes and shoes, I want to save my money and only buy something if I really need it!

Hope you have a SPLENDID SATURDAY!!!!



  1. Those are great goals! I could definitely use a little bit more activity like running.

  2. Those are some good goals! I like the taking the dog for a walk one!


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