Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five for Friday

Hi Everyone!
It's High Five for Friday!

1// Making homemade chicken kebabs! Yumm... they were so delicious and we realized that vegetables grill really well when they are on the skewers. Next time when we want grilled veggies we are going to cook them on the skewers.

2// I have watched Live with Kelly and Michael everyday this week, while enjoying my cup of coffee.  I love this show! (And I even entered their Tune in to Win Jetaway! I always dream of winning a trip to an exotic destination)

3// Making homemade cinnamon bread. (Though I didn't realize the dough should have been divided into two, so it was a huge loaf!)

4// Celebrating Alea's 21st Birthday!!  We didn't get any pictures together :( but we did enjoy some laughs, fun times, and yummy drinks !

5// Going to the Father's Day Picnic with my parents.  My Dad's work sponsors this picnic and they have food, races, draws, and a few rides for the children.  (It started to rain so we had to leave early but we got some free kettle corn ... yum)

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What was special about your week?? Did you try any recipes?? Did you do anything fun for Father's Day?? 


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