Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY Bulletin Board

I have been quite bored lately. I have not had that many shifts at work and all my friends work during the day.  I volunteer in the mornings from 8:00 to 9:00, so I am up early everyday.  And once I come home I watch Live with Kelly and Michael (by the way I love this show I have been obsessed with it for years.  I love Michael on it but I do miss Regis every once in a while), eat, and catch up on my daily computer stuff. I even have had time to spend hours on Pinterest, but you seriously only can spend soo much time on the computer.  Anyways, to try and amuse myself I have done a few DIY things. This past week I made a bulletin  board, beaded headband, and bracelets.  

Today I thought I would show you my bulletin board!! I used an old stick on bulletin board, leftover material (pink crush velvet and a sheer pink chiffon), ribbon, buttons and off course hot glue.

I removed the black outer part first

Measured out the material and glued it on

I put the sheer material on next I used push pins to hold the material into place while I glue it one.  When I glued the sheer material on, I glued onto the edges and the back of the board.

Measured and put the ribbon on. (I wanted to put a more fun ribbon on, but I didn't have enough :(

 I added some fun buttons on!!

Voila ! It will for sure match my room lol ... my room is pink very very pink.  And Linking up with.......

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