Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pizza & Celebration Throwbacks

Hi Everyone!

So Yesterday was my Daddy's Birthday :)  We didn't do too much but I tried to make it special as possible.  He went golfing with his friends during the day, so I tried to think of something to make for dinner. I finally decided on making homemade pizza.  We rarely eat pizza at my actually and if we do have pizza it is because we make it at home.  I remember as a child having pizza like every week because of pizza day, but I seriously think that I got a little sick of it after that.  Do not get me wrong every once in a while I loved eating a yummy slice of pizza, but I usually prefer a thin crispy crust with tons of veggies on my pizza.

The dough I made was a whole wheat flax crust, which was incredibly easy.  It only took about 45 minutes tops to make (including making the dough and letting it rise).  I split the dough into two, so I could try out two different types of pizza, a BBQ chicken and a Prosciutto mozzarella pizza. They were both amazingly delicious and hit the spot. (Both pizzas were almost all gone!!!!)  I promise to post the recipes soon because they are too good to keep to myself.

After dinner we had a key lime crunch cake (yummm!) and opened presents.  It was a nice day and I think my Dad appreciated everything. This weekend we are going out to eat at a new local restaurant so I will keep you updated :)

Also this past weekend I attended my old Dance Studio's banquet dinner! Even though I do not go there I still am very close to the studio.  Here is a picture of Alea and I from this year and a THROWBACK picture from last year.

              2012                                     2013                                                                           


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