Monday, May 20, 2013

Marvelous Mondays

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry that we have not been posting regularly.  I have actually kind of had a little writers block and have been crazy busy.  So I thought I would tell you all what has been up in my life and how Marvelous it has been!!

1. I got my G !  I have been procrastinated with this for a while.  I was quite nervous but it was not bad at all. 

2. I have been baking lots.  I have made oatmeal cups, muffins, cookies, french toast, sweet potato brownies. I have been in the experimenting mode.  I always wanted to be a baker when I was little, so sometimes I can't help myself from wanted to try every recipe I see.  This summer I am going to aim to try a new recipe (whether is a sweet or savory food) every week. 

3.  I gave my Doggy a nice bath.  She was kind of getting a little smelly, but now she is beautiful, fuzzy, soft, and white. She has an amazing shampoo called Earthbath All Natural Mango Tango Shampoo.  This shampoo contains no parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes, or perfumes. They pride themselves in making safe products that will not harm the animal.  And the bonus is that is smells simply amazing!

4.  I have been recommended for a vocal provincial competition for classical voice and musical theater.  Though I have decided to only go for musical theater this year.  I am quite excited for this opportunity and can't wait for June to come around :) I'll keep you posted on the songs, my progress, and results.  

5.  I spent the weekend watching some old shows I love. Like Make it or Break it.  This is a show about four girls who are aiming to make it to the 2012 Summer Olympics. It's a fairly good show and used to be a favorite of mine. 

6.  This is one of my proudest highlights of my week. I have started to run. The first few days I ran about 2 miles, than went to 2.75 miles, and finally did my first 5 k (which is about 3.1 miles). I was so happy bec
ause I used to hate running since I would get horrible headaches and feel lightheaded. But now I actually feel great going for these runs. Though the last few days I have been working (at work I am on my feet the whole time) so I usually don't go for runs on those days. But I am going to start again this week :)  

So what has been MARVELOUS in your life!?!?


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  1. Hi love! So happy you joined in and popped back in to blog!!

    Congrats on the great things happening! Always marvelous when good things are happening in life!!

    Happy week to you!


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