Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taking a Break and Forgeting the Fear

Hi Everyone!!!

As you probably can tell from the title, we have and are taking a little break :( I really wish we didn't have to, but with everything that is going on in our lives we think it is necessary.
I promise it won't be for very long just a couple weeks until we are done with our final exams for school.

I can't wait until than because it will be summer!! That also means I will have an abundance of time to write more posts, reply to all your lovey comments, try some new hairstyles, and test out some delicious recipes.

Love you all! Stay sparkling !!

Lately with exams and juries (I take voice in school, so I am preparing all my songs for that), I have doubted and become very scared of what is to come.  I want these next weeks to be skipped over and done with.  I have felt the need to run from my life, but I have realized that life is not always easy and I am capable to do well in everything I do. I can do this and by the time I know it, it will be all over and a sense of accomplishment will wash over me. BE CONFIDENT!!!


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  1. Great quote!


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