Saturday, March 16, 2013

Titika Active Wear

Almost St. Patricks Day!!!! Tonight my friends and I are celebrating St. Patrick's Day since it just works better for us. Plus I like Sundays to be a relaxing day of rest and Sunday is the last day my Mom is here :( Anyways, I have the cutest green glasses, shirt and sticker tattoos (I think I am more excited for dressing up, not the actual going out!)

So this week, I discovered this new store called Titika. It is an active wear store, which was founded in Toronto. Two women started this business and as of now it is located in Toronto, North York, Oakville, London and Barrie.

Their Mission Statement is "to empower women with quality, innovative, high fashion active-wear. They focus on being "Inspired by life".

They are environmentally and globally friendly and produce high quality fashionable clothing. Their clothing is very fashion forward and unique. It is even designed right in Canada!

Titika's Design: Function + Fashion = STYLE!

I noticed this store when I went to a local mall here in London and was intrigued, so I went in. Their prices are comparable to other active wear stores, but they had some great sale items. I bought a sweater jacket. I loved the fit, the bright colour, and that it was long enough for my arms ! I love the flowiness with the chiffon material and how it is very breathable. It is different than anything I have and I got an amazing deal on it, so I was extremely happy with my purchase.

So if you see a Titika Active Wear around, I would recommend you to drop in!


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