Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday #3

It is finally Thursday and that means it is almost the weekend!  I'm ecstatic for the weekend because my Mom is coming down for a whole week!  I can't wait to spend some quality time with her, especially since I won't be going home until May. Anyways, it is thankful Thursday and here is what I have been thankful for this week.

Thursday: Making these delicious sweet potato crisps with a honey Dijon dip!  

Friday:  Well there was not too much to be thankful for, except having the whole day to just study and prepare for my exam

Saturday: Being finished all my midterms!! Also, being able to go out with my friends for a fun night of dancing, some events that cannot be named,  and even trying a mcdouble with mac sauce from McDonalds! (I rarely eat at fast food places and haven't from McDonald's for a long long time!) 

Sunday: Lounging in my pajamas all day!

Monday: Receiving an exam mark back that I was quite nervous for and doing well!  Also for being able to teach some dance classes again.  The children are so sweet and wonderful to teach!

Tuesday: Going to see 21 and Over, which was a hilarious movie and would be a movie I would recommend people to see if they just want to laugh for two hours.  For being able to eat a beautiful Marble Slab ice cream creation, peanut butter ice cream and cheesecake frozen yogurt with cookie dough mixed in. So amazing and I ate every last bit!
Wednesday: Receiving a purple chocolate heart.  At my school many people are campaigning for Student council this year and one of them was handing out these chocolate hearts.  (I love purple, it even matched my school bag!)

Thursday:  I am so thankful that in two more sleeps I will be picking up my Mother from the airport and giving her a giant hug!


Change your attitude, be positive, be happy.  I know how it can be very hard to be "happy" and have a "good" attitude every minute of the day, but when something happens that may make you down, try to turn it around. Take it and learn from it. Or if you think a negative thought of someone or thing, try to look at the good things about them or it.  Positivity is important and it can make someone else's day. This week I had someone tell me that that I am always so joyful and I told them I just love being happy, and they told me they can tell and think that it is awesome.  When this person told me this, it made my day and made me think very hard how our actions affect others.  I'm glad that my laugh is contagious and that I love laughing.  Laughing is one of life's best medicine and hopefully I can makes other's laugh and smile too.  



  1. Awesome post! I love, love love your positivity and zest! Thank you SO much for linking up!! Hope to see you again. Love Leigh xxx

  2. Lots of wonderful things to be grateful for there! I hope you have a wonderful time with your mum. There is nothing so wonderful as mum/daughter time :-) Min xo


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