Thursday, March 14, 2013

Summer Dreamin'

Sorry for the late post today, I have been spending the week with my Mom.  We have quite a bit of shopping and we may have spent a tad more than we intended hehe. I bought some amazing sounding teas from Teavana and I promise to let you all know what I think about each one of them once I try them all!  I also bought some makeup and a new sweater.  Oh yes I got a new bathing suit.  When March comes along all I want is summer to be here!! I could not resist from buying a new one when I went into Victoria's Secret.  They have gorgeous bathing suits and they are all sparkly and bright!  I usually resist from spending full price and wait to buy them on sale, but my mother wanted to treat me!
 I thought this bathing suit was so cute and different, so I had to grab it.  It came in an assortment of colours: blue, yellow, pink, and multi-coloured.  I chose the multi coloured, because I love every colour!  So even though it is a little chilly outside this really brought some sunshine in my life :)

Sorry for the shorter post this today and the lack of posts, I just really want to soak in as much Mother and daughter time as possible!!
Can't wait to let you know all about my week!  I have some exciting news!!  

Quote of the Day: 
This week I was presented with a few opportunities and I was not sure if i could handle both, but when I thought about it I realized nothing is impossible.  I can do whatever I put my mind to.  


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  1. Great post! Victoria's Secret gets me every time this year with their swimwear. SO hard to resist! I'm hoping your new opportunities provide you with fruitful experiences. :)



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