Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five For Friday

Finally I'm back for H54F!
With so many things to celebrate this Friday, how could I not.
Also we went to Vegas last weekend, and it was a great trip.  Can't wait to share some picture with you all.

1// St. Patty's Day celebration with my favorite girlfriends, and a special 21st birthday
2// The amazing Cirque show, Zarkana.  I may have had to cover my eyes a lot during the death defying stunts.
3// The prettiest flower display I ever did see.  This was at the Wynn Las Vegas, and obviously wearing my favorite mint dress made it 10x better
4// ummm cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. enough said
5// My momma and I soaking up the sun before we came back to snow

There you have it! We're linking up with Lauren of course.

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  1. The cirque shows can be so fun! We saw O when we were in Vegas, which is one of the water ones. I think that helped a bit, because while I was still worried about people falling, at least if they fell they would've fallen into water!

    1. We saw that one a few years back when we went for a dance competition! I loved it as well


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