Saturday, March 2, 2013

Core Challenge

Finally Saturday!!! You do not understand how happy I am that it is Saturday. I had an exam this morning, bright and early, at 9:00 am.  So when the rest of my friends and family got to start their weekend yesterday I had to wait.  I can finally relax and now I do not have an exam until finals. 

I found this little core challenge on Pinterest that intrigued me.  If there is one muscle area that I love it is abs. Plus, for dance the core is so important for control, balance, and placement.  I thought I would give this core challenge a try, but after attempting it I decided I was going to create my own core challenge for March.  I want to build up my strength, so I am starting slower and increasing reps gradually. 

So my March Challenge is to do my Core Challenge everyday with 1-2 rest days each week. 

My Core Challenge

Pulses (hold crunch position and pulse with arms)
Pulses with legs raised
Bike exercise (bring knees into chest, lift shoulder blades off floor, rotate to left while bringing right elbow towards left knee as straighten the other leg.  And switch)
Push ups

1st week: 50 crunches and pulses, 50 switches for bike exercise, 20 push ups, 1 minute plank
2nd week: 60 of each, 20 push ups, 2 minute plank
3rd week: 75 of each, 25 push ups, 3 minute plank
4th week: 100 of each, 30 push ups, 4 minute plank

My quote of the day! I really like this quote because I know I appreciate when people help me out even if it is something small.  And it makes me feel so good to help another. Today I was driving home from my exam and I noticed a girl I knew at the bus stop waiting in the cold. I pulled over and offered her a ride. She was so appreciative, and really it was no big deal for me to drop her off at home because it was not out of my way.  It just made me happy that she was so glad that she was able to get in the warmth and home quicker.  Take the time to help others because it really can brighten their day.

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