Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tasty Tuesday - Trifle

I love trifles! They are so fun to make with their beautiful layers and versatility. It is very simple to change it up.  My roommates and I decided to have a turkey dinner (a very very late Christmas dinner), since we all went home and never got to celebrate together because of exams. We all contributed a dish for the meal and I made dessert. I made a chocolate decadence trifle.  It was quite delicious and enjoyable; it even tasted better the second day because the ingredients melded together.

So Here we go :

Chocolate decadence Trifle

1 9 inch/8 inch pan of brownies (you either can make a homemade or store bought)
1 box of chocolate pudding.
1 container of whipping cream (either can make homemade or use cool whip). 
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate bars of choice (I used Turtles)

Prepare the brownies as directed and let them fully cool. Cut into small slices
Prepare the pudding as directed (1 box = 2 cups of cold milk)
Cut/crumble up the chocolate bars,
If making homemade whipping cream, prepare the whipping cream. 
Once all the ingredients are ready, you can begin the layering.
If possible use a large glass/clear bowl if possible so people can see the beautiful layers.
Start with a spoonful of whipping cream on the bottom and spread thinly on the bottom.
Layer 1 brownies, layer 2 pudding, layer 3 chocolate sauce, layer 4 whipping cream, layer 6 chocolate bars. Do this 2-3 times.  (You may not have enough pudding to do more than two layers but in the third layer you can skip the pudding layer.)
Once you finish with the last layer of whipping cream, decorate with the chocolate bars so it looks aesthetically pleasing.  

The recipe is quite open to change based on your own preference. I like how it is very easy to change up.  Possible other ideas for the trifle are:
Use a different flavor pudding (butterscotch, vanilla, banana, peanut butter) Peanut butter is personally my fave
Try different chocolate bars (Peanut butter cups, milk chocolate, Crunchie bars, caramel bars, Toffee bars, white chocolate)
You can omit the chocolate sauce or try caramel sauce
You can put fruit in like strawberries, raspberries, or bananas

Some possible combinations:

Chocolate banana Trifle
Vanilla raspberry Trifle
Toffee banana Trifle
Peanut butter trifle
Do you like Turkey dinner? Have you ever tried trifle? What kinds??


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  1. That looks delicious. And I love the other combinations you listed. The toffee banana sounds like an interesting combination that I would totally love. I'm always a fan of chocolate and peanut butter, so I don't think you could go wrong with that combination either.

    1. I totally agree peanut butter is the best in any dessert!

  2. I saw this on the Tasty Tuesdays link up and followed it here! This looks amazing.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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