Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Effects Review


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So I love painting my nails because they can look so pretty and you can add some fun to your personality. The only thing that bothers me quite a bit is when they chip. And when one chips it makes me go crazy! I usually end up picking at all my nails until I take off the nail polish. And it is not as if I don't use good products, I use great brands and do the whole works. I always use OPI which is beautiful nail polish, my favorite brand thus far, and I always apply a base layer, the two coats of the color, and a top coat. But being sort of a klutz I hit my hands on everything and cleaning so much, they get ruined so easily.

So when I came across these Sally Hanson Nail Effects they intrigued me.  They state that they stay on for ten days without chipping and they have easy application.  And plus there are so many cool different patterns (sparkly, lace, stripes, neon colors, flowered patterns, and did I mention sparkly hehe). I bought two different ones - sparkly pink and black lace. I am not usually a black nail polish kind of girl but the lace one was quite classy. Although, I used the sparkly pink one first of course.

They give you 16 nail sizes which is such a smart idea because obviously not everyone's finger nails are the same size. You do need to ensure your nails are clean with no nail polish on then though so they stick.  They kind of look like stickers, you put them on your nails easier to do thumb to pinky and you basically file the leftover on the top off with the file the give you.  Even though there are extra applicators you can't save them because they harden and a not useable (I tried keeping them to see if I could use them later). The end product is really nice and they turn out fairly perfect. They are a little hard to learn how to put them  on properly, so be patient. I did make a mistake on two and redid them with the extras right away before they dried out.  But overall for all those fun patterns they are really great and totally worth it.  oh yes by the eighth day they began to chip a bit so they almost lasted the full ten days! 


  1. I love nail polish, especially OPI. I think I'm a bit obsessed. I have never tried the Sally Hansen...I will have to check it out. Pleased to have you on the hop this morning!

  2. love nail polish relaly gorgeous!! wld love it if you would drop by mu blog and follow if u like :D

  3. Hello, stopping by from the blog hop. I LOVE painting my nails as well and can't stand them getting chipped as well. I used OPI only for like 3 years then I discovered Sinful Colors @ Target and Walgreens for $2 a bottle. They have so many colors and my nails don't chip nearly as fast. I'm going to have to check out Sally Hansens Nail Effects.

  4. Pretty, pretty! Hubby just got me a gel kit, so I have to try that soon!

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  6. Ooohhh...I like the sparkly choice. I'm going to have to find these!

  7. I love the sparkly pink! My fav :) I am your newest follower. Thank you for coming by and following me!


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