Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Ok... Thursday

Happy Last Day of February!  I cannot believe how fast this month as flown by, it feels as if it just started.  That is one reason recently that I have begun challenging myself to cherish every moment of everyday.  

I am linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Ok Thursday.  Sometimes you have feelings such as being upset, sad, mad, frustrated, or even happy, and you just need to let yourself know that it is ok to feel that way. So here we go:

It's OK...

that I was sad to leave home to come back to school
that I want to go back home sometimes to get away from school
that school stresses me out way too much
that time flies by way too fast
that I was nervous to teach dance again on Monday (Once I started it was great)
that I stayed in pajamas all day on Tuesday
that I want my doggie Taffy to be with me
that I am addicted Pinterest
that I love watching Dance Moms and get frustrated when I can't watch it online right away!
that I wish I could dance again and be with my old Studio during their competition this weekend
that I was overly excited about getting my sparkly iPhone screen protectors yesterday!! (SO NEAT!)
that I am obsessed with trying to win trips to exotic places. (I really want to go somewhere warm)
that I have amazing family and friends in my life :)
that I am very tempted to do some online shopping today, I really really want a new pair of shoes!

And here is my quote of the day.  Be confident in who you are and do not think you worth anything less. Be who you want yourself to be, not who everyone else wants you to be.  It is your decision to choose the kind of person you are and your decisions and goals in life should make you happy.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Leopard Love

props to my bf for his patience and photographic abilities

I wore this outfit for a little brunch date last week! I never know what to pair this leopard cardigan with,  and I think maybe I found a combo that I like.  Its bold, but not too bold.  Hmm. Maybe I'll keep trying.  I think I'm gonna try being more adventurous with my fashion choices from now on.  I like being creative and feeling great in an outfit! In the meantime check out some of the fashionistas on Style Elixer link up. 

Ps. I won my first giveaway. I'm pretty darn excited to say the least.  Check it out here to see my awesome prize!

Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweet Potato Stew/Chili

With the weather still being a little chilly I always crave warm meals. When I am come home off the bus from school I just want to wrap myself up in a huge blanket. So lately I have been experimenting with different comfort dishes and healthifying them. I recently tried making a sweet potato chili. I love sweet potatoes and love chili. So when I saw a recipe for this I had to try it, but I did modify it. The finished product reminded me more of a stew than chili, but I still loved it and totally would make it again. It is very healthy and nutrient dense. There is no added fat and minimal salt added. It is also a great vegetarian and vegan friendly recipe!

Sweet Potato Stew/Chili

3 Sweet Potatoes (20 oz) peeled and chopped
2 onions chopped
1 pepper (any colour- I used red) chopped
1 zucchini chopped
1 can of bean of choice (I used white kidney beans)
1 (20 oz) can of tomatoes
3 tbsp of tomato sauce (Can omit if needed)
1-2 cups of water
1 tsp of cummin
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp cayenne powder
1 tsp of salt

Place all ingredients in a large pot. Bring to a boil. Turn the heat down and simmer until the sweet potatoes are soft or around 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours. Check frequently and stir.

It is a fairly easy recipe once everything is prepped and it tastes great the next day because the flavours have time to meld together. 

I hope you have a Truly Fabulous Tuesday.  Last but not least here is the Quote of the Day!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Inspiration

With competition coming up this weekend for my dancers, I thought this was oh so appropriate.   Yes hard work and dedication is very important, but if you don't enjoy what you're doing then where is the fun in that? exactly. there is none! So for my loves at the studio, and in the internet world, have fun with your life, because've only got one!

Ps. go check out the GFC blog hop, it's pretty darn cool!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Safe Haven

Last night, I went to see the movie Safe Haven.  I wasn't sure if I had read the book, since I read too many books to keep track. Though my friend had bought the book for me for Christmas, so I knew when school would end I would pull it out for a rainy spring or summer day. I was not even sure what the movie was exactly about but I love romances, so it couldn't be that bad.  Right when the movie started and the characters were introduced (one in particular), I knew right then I had read the book.  It made me actually excited that I had read the book because it is always better to read the book beforehand. 

 I believe I read the book in the summer of 2010 and I remember it being one of my favourite novels.  I usually do not read Nicholas Spark's books, but this is one in particular caught my attention right from the start.

It is a story of love, hope, letting go, faith, and trust.  It is a touching story and makes you believe in love and appreciate the small things in life  The movie stayed fairly close to the novel, obviously with a few details that are slightly different.  During the movie I was engaged the the whole time and curious how everything would unfold. I would recommend for people to read the book and see the movie because they are both worth the time. 

This book and movie made me realize the importance of people in our lives and trusting them to be there for you.  Those who deeply care about you, no matter the consequences will be there and will help. I know I have a few friends and family who are this to me and I hope that my friends know that they can come to me to me for anything at anytime.  Having people in your life can create a safe place that you can come back to whenever. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

better late than ever...

1// Starbucks secret menu. Raspberry Cheesecake frapp.  believe it!
2// my new madebygirl iPhone clase. love it
3// little snuggle muffin. love him when he's not being a devil
4// yes, we bought 2 kg of candy from the bulk barn. uh oh
5// we so silly. a perfect Thursday of TV watching

So there you have, a wonderful, tiring, sugar filled week! I hope all you my lovely internet friends have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

always, linking up with Lauren!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feta Herb Chicken

I absolutely love being home! It is great, but going so quickly :(  One thing I seem to do lots more of is cook and bake.  I believe this is because I have way more options with all the ingredient options supplied at home.  I usually will look up a bunch of recipes, pick my favourites and than adapt them to my own preference.  And if I ever need help I just ask my Dad, who is a fabulous cook and makes amazing gourmet dishes.  My first dinner I made was feta herb chicken with garlic rice. The chicken was flavourful and moist and was fairly easy to make. It is also a very healthy option, since it is baked and has no added fat.  Because I ate mine so quickly, I didn't get to take a picture, but trust me it looked just as beautiful as it tasted.  

Feta Herb Chicken

4 chicken breasts (1 lb)
1/2 lemon (juice)
1 tsp dry Oregano or 1 tbsp fresh oregano
1 tsp dry parsley or 1 tbsp fresh parsley
1/2 tsp salt 
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 cup Feta

Preheat the oven to 375°.  
Trim the fat off the chicken and pat dry. 
Season with herbs, salt, pepper, and the lemon juice.  
Place on a baking/roasting pan. Bake for approximately 35 minutes until fully cooked.
Remove from the oven and place the feta (2-3 tsp) on each chicken breast.  Broil on low for around 2-4 minutes, the cheese will become golden.

(You can substitute any herbs that you prefer). 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fashion: A Little PINK

I am 100% a statement necklace girl! I wore this outfit on Valentines day, and as much as I love this dress, I can't stand how wrinkly it gets. No matter what I do, it always wrinkles immediately.  Oh well, I still loved dressing up and getting to be really girlie for the night. Since it is way too cold out still to take outfit photo's outside, if anyone has any indoor photography tips, send them my way! Much appreciated hehe.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Much Needed Break

I am finally home!  So happy to be able to spend time with my family and friends.  It was my Mother's Birthday on the weekend so I celebrated with her all day.  We went to my dance studio in the morning and watched some of the dances.  I am very close with my old studio and every time I come home, I make a visit a priority.  My teachers there are mentors and will always hold a special  place in my life.  Whenever I visit there though I miss dance so much! After that we walked around the mall and then for dinner we went out for dinner at Applebees.  It was a great day and I think she enjoyed herself a lot.  My brother, his wife and I bough her a Pandora charm for her and she absolutely loved it!  It was the tied together amethyst charm.  I felt it represented my Mom very well, since her Amethyst is her birthstone and we are tied together and very close as a family.

Anyways today is top ten Tuesday and I am doing 10 Things I am doing or have done already over my break!

  1. Spend all day with my Mom on her Birthday
  2. Waxing (I love getting my legs waxed. I seriously will not shave my legs anymore because when I wax they last so much longer.) I got them done yesterday and it feels amazing! hehe
  3. Have a blog day with Alea.  We want to brainstorm some great posts for you all, so stay tuned!
  4. Go for a walk and coffee with my friend Kathleen.
  5. Catch up on all TV shows (Glee, Cake Boss next great baker, Switched at Birth)
  6. Get my nails done! (I actually am doing this today, so I am very excited to be treating myself)
  7. Visit with my dance teacher!
  8. Practice my voice and study for my exams (the studying is not as exciting, but it needs to be done)
  9. Bake and cook some new dishes!!
  10. Have a turkey dinner with my family!  (My dad won three turkeys! I know crazy)
I hope you have an amazing week! 


Monday, February 18, 2013

Work for a cause

I like this. I like this a lot.  Oftentimes I lose sight of why I'm doing something.  Is it to get an applause, an award, a congratulations, or recognition? Or is it for myself, a worthy cause, or for someone else.  I think if I take a step back and reevaluate my inspiration for doing something, I might find that I'm not necessarily doing it for the right reasons.  Today, try to do something that is worthwhile, rewarding, and brings you or someone else some happiness! I think it will feel pretty darn good.

Happy Monday friends!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cinnamon Buns

Today is the day I finally get to go home, Yippee!!! It is our reading week, so I am flying home to enjoy time with family and friends. But I actually do have to do some work because I have two midterms after the break!  As much as I enjoy living away from home, I love being able to go back home too. Since it is Saturday morning coffee, I thought I would share a recipe for delicious quick cinnamon rolls.  Who doesn`t love a warm ooey gooey cinnamon bun in the morning.  These are incredible easy and can be made all within an hour. 

Cinnamon Buns

2 cups flour
2 tablespoons sugar

4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons butter
3/4 cup milk
4 tablespoons butter
1 cup brown sugar or 1 cup white sugar
3 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup milk

1. Preheat oven to 
2. In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt together.
3. Cut in softened butter.
4. Stir in milk to form a soft dough.
5. Roll out dough on a lightly floured table (working space) into a rectangle about 1/4 inch thick.

6. To make the filling combine in a small bowl softened butter, brown sugar and cinnamon to form a crumbly mixture.
7. Spread the remaining filling on the rolled out dough.
8. Roll up the rectangle, with a sharp knife slice into 18 small rolls (12 if you want them a little bigger).
9. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.
10. For the glaze, combine powdered sugar and milk in a small bowl and stir until smooth.
11. Once rolls are finished, drizzle on the glaze.
12. Serve warm.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

What a crazy week it has been! We made it though, through that painfully long Monday, and all our Valentines day festivities (which I loved).  Here's to half priced chocolate day, may it fulfill all of your chocolate needs.
1// My gramma is the cutest and most thoughtful, she bought all her grandkids these heart shaped doughnuts for dessert this week
2// I may have the best boyfriend in the world, and I may have cried when I oped up this present.  I love it and can't wait to wear it everyday
3// I had a rough Wednesday, and came home to this sweet surprise from my guy, vitamin waters and yogurt covered pretzels make everything a little more bearable
4// Max, because he is just the cutest
5// A momma at my dance studio gave me these patterned leggings, I am in love

Hope you have a wonderful week of LOVE 

We are linking up with Lauren today for H54F


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be My Valentine - Thankful Thursday

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I always  loved Valentines Day when I was a child, mostly because I would wake up get a present from my parents and than go to school to have a party. What child wouldn't love presents, chocolate, no schoolwork and treats.  At school we would make heart shaped card holders so classmates could put our cards in them. I remember choosing cards out for my classmates (I always had to make a card for everyone) and how it was quite a dilemma picking out what card I should give for each person.

As I have gotten older, we do not have parties anymore but I still do receive a gift from my Mom and Dad.  I was actually quite surprised when I received a package in the mail, especially because I will be heading home on the 16th (YEAH!!!!!! Cannot wait).  I got a box of chocolates (Lindt - caramels) and a beautiful blouse. It truly made my day and was so grateful how my parents do small things like that for me.  That is why I am so thankful for my parents in my life.  They are always there for me and truly care for me.  I can always go talk to my family about whatever is bothering me and they know exactly what to say.
My Valentines Day Present!

My parents were my only Valentines this year, haha.  (No boys in the picture yet).  For some, that would be really hard to be single on a "couples" holiday, but you don't need to be with someone to make your life better.  Being single is good to learn how to be independent and learn more about yourself. And face it, everyday should be about showing your love to your loved ones, not just a holiday. But I am quite the sap for romance though so I will still always love this holiday.  So happy Valentines Day to everyone and if you do not have that special someone this year, maybe next year!  Your love will come when you are least expecting it, just be patient.  If you rush into relationships, you may not be ready.
Have a Beautiful Thankful Thursday and next time I talk to you all I will be home reunited with my family and my bestie Alea!!!!  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 Ways to Reduce Stress


This time of year for me gets a little stressful. Midterms are creeping up and the end of the year is coming closer and closer. Sometimes it can be difficult to be positive and not be such a worry wart all the time. I always second guess myself and need constant encouragement (thank gosh for my Mom!). I have tried a few things to reduce my stress, so here are ten ways to reduce stress
  1. Make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate (warm drinks always make me feel relaxed)
  2. Go for a walk (even though it is winter, I still get all bundled up and always feel rejuvenated afterwards)
  3. Watch movie or an episode of your favourite TV show
  4. Bake something!
  5. Go to the mall (The best therapy is retail therapy, hehe)
  6. Take a bath, actually take a bubble bath.
  7. Talk to a family member or friend (talking can help you organize your thoughts and emotions)
  8. Go to the gym
  9. Naps!
  10. Boost yourself up by telling yourself five good things about yourself
I hope your Tuesday is terrific!


Monday, February 11, 2013

LOVE+ a new blog design

I'm so excited for 3 things at the moment.. 
1// We have hit over 50 followers, which is unbelievable!
2// It's the week of chocolate love 
3// our amazing, and sparkly new blog design!
The super talented blogger and designer Kotryna Bass designed for us. We love it so much, and we hope you do too.  Isn't she just spectacular. The best part is she designed it for five dollars!  Head on over to Fiverr to get one of your one from this cool girl! Also check out her blog, you'll love it.

I also leave you with a little love quote, even though we should show the ones we care about love every day of the year, show just a little bit more this week.  I'm sure everyone could use a kind smile or an extra hug or chocolate.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Effects Review


I am linking with Quite the Blog for Saturday Morning Coffee

So I love painting my nails because they can look so pretty and you can add some fun to your personality. The only thing that bothers me quite a bit is when they chip. And when one chips it makes me go crazy! I usually end up picking at all my nails until I take off the nail polish. And it is not as if I don't use good products, I use great brands and do the whole works. I always use OPI which is beautiful nail polish, my favorite brand thus far, and I always apply a base layer, the two coats of the color, and a top coat. But being sort of a klutz I hit my hands on everything and cleaning so much, they get ruined so easily.

So when I came across these Sally Hanson Nail Effects they intrigued me.  They state that they stay on for ten days without chipping and they have easy application.  And plus there are so many cool different patterns (sparkly, lace, stripes, neon colors, flowered patterns, and did I mention sparkly hehe). I bought two different ones - sparkly pink and black lace. I am not usually a black nail polish kind of girl but the lace one was quite classy. Although, I used the sparkly pink one first of course.

They give you 16 nail sizes which is such a smart idea because obviously not everyone's finger nails are the same size. You do need to ensure your nails are clean with no nail polish on then though so they stick.  They kind of look like stickers, you put them on your nails easier to do thumb to pinky and you basically file the leftover on the top off with the file the give you.  Even though there are extra applicators you can't save them because they harden and a not useable (I tried keeping them to see if I could use them later). The end product is really nice and they turn out fairly perfect. They are a little hard to learn how to put them  on properly, so be patient. I did make a mistake on two and redid them with the extras right away before they dried out.  But overall for all those fun patterns they are really great and totally worth it.  oh yes by the eighth day they began to chip a bit so they almost lasted the full ten days! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

High Five for Friday

I know everyone says that time goes by fast, but it feels like it's on super speed lately! All the more reason to enjoy every second and every moment right? 

1// My dad got us tickets to see Shrek the Musical, we loved it! Here's me and my momma snapping pictures at intermission
2// One of my oldest, closest, and dearest friends turned 21 over the weekend, we went out to celebrate 
3// My crazy friend hoisted me up to her shoulder during dance practice, she is pretty darn strong
4// cliche Starbucks picture! What? we all deserve them all the time once and a while 
5// Cuddles with my pup and some blog reading. perfect morning I'd say!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Throwback to the Past

I thought today I would share with you all a little Blast from the Past.  Alea and I have been friends for quite some time, I believe 14 years. We were always friends but over the last 4 years we have become closer and now I consider one of the closest friends I have. Since I am away at University and both of us are very busy we do not get to see or talk to each other as much as we would like. But whenever we reunite it is as if nothing has changed.  I feel like the distance did not separate us but helped us grow stronger as friends. We are there for each other and if something ever comes up we take the time to listen. She is like a sister to me, which is why I am so thankful she is my friend and I will always hold a special spot for her in my life. 

These pictures were taken at dance banquets, one when we were young and the second from 2010.  They make me smile and laugh every time I see them.

Hehe...I really hope you enjoyed the pictures! 

On a side note, I thought I would share this with you because I feel this is very true. Sometimes one can uphold a very good facade, which makes others think everything in their life is perfect. But do others really know this person that well to make these assumptions. I think this quote speaks out on how we should be careful not to judge. 



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Little Coral

This is kind of my first full outfit post! Ever since I started reading blogs I would fantasize about doing outfit posts.  In no way do I claim to be an expert in style, but I do love all things fashion, and can't wait to share that love with all of you. yay!  I will try my best to bring you some of my favorite everyday looks, that are easy and fun to recreate  So of course, my outfit consists of some coloured coral pants (I'm still riding this coloured denim train) Please bear with me as I get used to this picture taking business.  No experience over here.
Thanks momma for trying your best at this photography business 

lace shirt// urban outfitters
white tank top// H&M
Coral pants// Francesca's Collection