Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I wore and a little more

We made it.. halfway through the week!
I hope everyone is doing well, and if you are having a gloomy day just remember, it's already Wednesday, you are so close.
We got covered with a fresh blanket of snow last night, which I guess kind of made up for the weird (but lovely) spring weather we got last week.  
It's weird because I like looking at snow, I LOVE when it's snowing, but there's few snowy activities that I like to do (unless sipping starbucks in really cute boots count as a snowy activity hehe)
Any who, I am going to do my first outfit post today.  I titled this post what I wore and a little more, because I knew I would ramble about a few other things today.  There's always so much on my mind!

Here it is, my first outfit.
I may have to start bribing someone to take my outfit photos as this mirror picture just isn't cutting it for me!
In the meantime, I absolutely love this dress which I got at H&M earlier this winter and my bracelet set from Shop Ruche.  You should definitely check out shop ruche if you have a chance, they have the most adorable and affordable jewellery (a perfect combination).


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  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop and for the follow! I am following you girls back :)

    also I adore that dress! so cute!


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