Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Blues

Sooooo notice anything different? Okay.. I'll tell you, our blog is in the process of getting a makeover!  I told you I was getting hooked to photoshop, oh dear.  I'm still learning, but so far I am so in love with our new header, I am not an expert by far, but for an amateur, I'm pretty proud.  I just love celebrating small accomplishments and learning new things, of course, my boyfriend may have helped just a little alot

Today is also Wednesday, which means I get to share with you my love of fashion.  Here is an outfit that I put together for warmer winter days, because apparently we are in the arctic over here Brrrrr.  I love coloured jeans and I may or may not not wear these at least once a week.  Of course, there are just so many ways to style them and this is just one of my favorites.  Any outfit is not complete without my Alex and Ani charms.  I plan on posting about these very soon, as they are something too wonderful to keep to myself.  In the meantime, check them out, I guarantee you will love what you see!

If you're looking for coloured denim or trousers, I'd recommend H&M.


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