Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five for Friday

Hello Friday, nice to see you again, we're linking up with Lauren of From my Grey Desk

1. We had my boyfriend's Christmas in January work party on the weekend (which made me sad, since it is not the Christmas season anymore), but we had such a great time.  I also won a food processor! Holy moly, talk about sweet raffle prizes.. oh the possibilities now that I have my very own food processor

2. I had my first ever omelet (that I can remember).  My sweet mama made me the most delicious omelet and I was hooked. If you know me, I used to be a very very picky eater, and even if its just an omelet, I've been branching out lately, yay me!

3.  Some new perfume. So hard to find a perfume that suits you sometimes.  Like come on, you have to love it, because you have to smell it all day long.  This one is so delicious and I definitely recommend. It is Candy by Prada

4. The cutest conversations with my momma ever.  She is an emojii genius and never fails to amaze me. I'm slowly learning though, and one day I will become a master emojii myself hehe

5.  Even though it was super duper cold yesterday (-35 Celsius with the wind), I took advantage of it and wore my favorite hat ever. I also had to add some red lips with the look, it was a definite must.

Happy Friday loves


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Enjoy this one

  2. Such a sweet picture of you and your man!! Any time we can extend the holiday season, I'm all for it! Cmas in Jan sounds superb!!

    Thanks for stopping by my hood and showing some love! xo, Bev


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