Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013!

I hope that everyone has started off their first week of 2013 in the best way possible.  As Rachael makes her way back to school (this girl is so sad over here) I will be starting you off with a great, simple project that I think will make everyone's year just a little brighter.

I find myself becoming very sad as January rolls around, and the Christmas lights come down.  There is something about December that brings a certain sparkle to everything around (okay, it may be the lights).  Everyone seems happier, full of life, and hopeful.  

With that said, this year I vowed to have a great January, and bring the joy I felt in December straight into the New Year.  There are so may things to be thankful for, and oh so many things to celebrate.

Rachael suggested this project to me and I immediately knew it would be a great idea.  I will call it the Mason Jar of celebration.  

All you need is a small jar, and year of celebrations.  Of course, I chose to decorate mine (I couldn't just have a plain jar).  I ended up adding some superior suede lace, a cute little tag, and I can't forget my scrapbooking stickers and voila!

Now,  you will fill this jar with notes about good things that happen throughout the year.  From small accomplishments, to large celebrations.  Anything that made you smile throughout the day, put it in the jar with the date.  On New Year's Eve you will empty the jar and see what amazing things have happened throughout the year.  I have already added two things to the jar and it's only January 5th.
What a great way to appreciate all the great things that are happening in your life!

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