Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goals and Positivity DIY Project

Happy Thursday!!! Thursdays happen to be my favourite day because I love the anticipation that it is almost Friday and the weekend. It's also a bonus that I happen to have no classes today too. J

Being so busy with school sometimes I forget the importance of enjoying life and get stuck in a rut.  I have always had big goals and aspirations for myself, but sometimes negativity and stress get the best of me.  This year I have come to the realization that school is important, but I should not let it consume my life. So I decided to do this little DIY project to keep my spirits up and remind myself of the important things and what I want to achieve in life.  I made cut outs of shapes, wrote down my goals, dreams, aspirations, and important quotes, and decorated them to make them look pretty.  I strung them on a ribbon and pinned it on my wall.  I really want to go into this New Year with a positive attitude and outlook because life is too short to let it pass you by.  It is important to remind yourself of your long term goals and dreams, so you can have the motivation to push through more difficult struggles that you are faced with. 

Dream big, live life, don’t dwell on the past, look forward, smile, laugh lots, never regret, think positive, stop over-thinking, enjoy the little things, break routine, try something new, and never give up!


  1. This is a pretty cool idea! How creative!

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