Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Denim Days

 I confess.. I may be a little too in love with my chambray shirt..
Chambray Shirt: Urban Outfitters, sale $29

Ever since this trend sky rocketed last year, I jumped right onto the bandwagon.  There are so many ways to wear them, I can't resist! I have tried a fair share of denim pairings, but here are a few of my favorites that I thought you can try out before the denim shirt trend dies out (okay it's dying out slowly, but a girl can dream right?)

1.  A summer look (I miss my summer fashion): Flirty dress, statement necklace, denim shirt, bold ring

2.  Spring look (or if you're me, all year round look!): White pants, cute sunnies, denim shirt
Western Denim J Crew

3.  Wintery Look: For us Canadian folk, who freeze our butts off most of the year, but still try to look fashionable while doing it ;) Black Pants, coloured pumps, denim shirt (add some bangles and a chic bag)

There you have it friends! One of my favorite pieces in my closet at the moment.  Don't be fooled though, this Canadian girl wears her denim with things a little less chic also (Sweatpants, yoga pants, maybe even PJ's yikes!).  Mine is just so darn comfy.

Make sure to check back next Wednesday for my first outfit of the day post! (This girl is going to take her first crack at a fashion post, yay!)

Happy Wednesday

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